Sunday, 25 November 2007

Feast of Fools - Carnival (1988)

Feast of Fools

Finally getting back to this one...

Before they turned into Citrus Park, Steve Bandola, Jeff Burns and Dana Lyons played with lead singer Reid Stewart.

In case you're not quite up to speed on relations, Steve is the brother of Mark Bandola, of the very fantastic Lucy Show. Steve's recently been playing with Jeff Kushner as the Beagle Ranch.

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Anonymous said...

I remember eating 7-11 burgers with the Burns/Bandola team sometime in the mid 80's. Bandola lived in an eerie apartment building on 15th Ave called "The Huntley" which housed an eclectic bunch of residents one of which we nicknamed 'the gothic hooker'. The fireplace mantle in Bandola's pad was adorned wth Elle magazine covers. The 7-11 burgers were $1.00 each and provided many post gig meals. I will never forget these treasured moments.