Sunday, 25 November 2007

Feast of Fools - Carnival (1988)

Feast of Fools

Finally getting back to this one...

Before they turned into Citrus Park, Steve Bandola, Jeff Burns and Dana Lyons played with lead singer Reid Stewart.

In case you're not quite up to speed on relations, Steve is the brother of Mark Bandola, of the very fantastic Lucy Show. Steve's recently been playing with Jeff Kushner as the Beagle Ranch.

Massive Ferguson - The Slow-Fi Sounds of... (1996)

Massive Ferguson -The Slo-Fi Sounds of...

Friday night saw the release of the new CD from the Cripple Creek Fairies, which is worth picking up.
But before CCF, there was Massive Ferguson. Hutterites, clowns, metal and 4-track mastery.
There's still an article on the old VOX website, worth checking out, to give you sense of what these guys were about.
Or just head for the download.