Monday 2 July 2007

Citrus Park - A Fine Morning (1989)

Citrus Park - A Fine Morning

(My mp3 version of the Feast of Fools' tape is full of wow and flutter, or else I would have started there...)

Jeff Burns would go on to record almost every indie band in Calgary in his basement studio in the mid-90s.

Track Listing:
1. Golden
2. The Battle Is Over
3. Malpractice
4. The Morning at Home
5. Run Away
6. Annette
7. The White Sky
8. Crown of Thorns

Citrus Park were:
Jeff Burns - Vocals, Guitar
Stephen Bandola - Vocals, Bass
Dana Lyons - Drums and Percussion

New download link!

Shinolas - Pigeonhole (1997)

Track Listing:
1. Aqua Vulva
2. Chair
3. Everyday Skies- Deep & Meaningful
4. Admission
5. Gogo Girl
6. Life Eternal
7. Banff

The Shinolas were:
Tom Atkinson - Drums
Pete Link - Guitar, Vocals
Conrad Montana - Bass, Vocals, Organ

Download it here.