Tuesday 26 June 2007

Forbidden Dimension - Our Martian Heritage (1992)

Forbidden Dimension started out in 1988, just as Jackson Phibes's (aka Aleister Hexxx) previous combo, Color Me Psycho, was calling it quits. It was initially conceived as a one-man one-off project, sonically in the Chrome/Metal Urbain/Roky Erickson/60s punk/proto-metal mode. - CBCRadio3

To my ears, this cassette sounds better than FD's first CD release, Sin Gallery. Must be the undead drum machine.

Track listing:
1. Vulture Feed
2. Dreamdate
3. All Black and Hairy
4. Wild Doll
5. Cold Hands, Cold Heart
6. Atomic Canibal
7. Martian Death Saucer
8. Dial M for Monster
9. Dig That Crazy Grave
10. Shrunken Heads
11. White Line Reaper
12. Hand of Glory

Download it here.

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mandotodd said...

Oh Lord! Why did I have to find out about this fantastic blog TOO LATE to download many of the fine cassettes on offer?! WHY Lord WHY?!?!

[wailing, moaning, gnashing of teeth]

The blogosphere can be a cold hard cruel place sometimes.