Thursday 5 January 2012

Golden Calgarians: Savage Love (1984)

We're continuing to plow through the Golden Rock migration with this, the second full-length from the Golden Calgarians. Of note, this lineup trades one Sandwich for another, with Doug Smith taking over guitar duties from Tim Campbell.

Again, here's Golden Rock's back cover transcription:

Side One
Vladivostock Rock
Savage Love
Thousand Chains *
My Big Truck *
Sex Under Missiles

Side Two
Galaxina */+
It's OK *
Getting Weaker *
Ballad of Blood Beach *
Happy Man *

The Golden Calgarians are:

Jeff Smith: drums/BU
Dave Degrood: bass/BU
Doug Smith: guitar/BU
Bruno: voice
Mike Memorex: guitar/BU on *
Dan Hayes: synthesizer on +

Written and produced by the Golden Calgarians
Recorded at Smooth Rock Studios, Calgary
Engineered by Gabriel Boucher

Golden Calgarians bassist Dave Degrood was swell enough to send in two tracks recorded for the LP, but cut from the final album, "Ghost Town" and "Pink Sunday."

Get the full LP here and the outtakes here.


Grinder88 said...

the files seem to have been removed.

Justin Bzovy said...

I just ripped this album at CKUW in Winnipeg. Can't remember where I found it. I thought the cover was kinda shitty, and generally speaking 1984 is a bad year. But I took a chance and was pretty impressed. I put the whole album up. But here's my favourite track:
Sex Under Missilies