Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dri Hiev - Place to Live (2016)

We feel like we've posted an inordinate number of tapes from electro noise punks Dri Hiev. While their live shows highlight the noisy part of the band, this new tape (released by Craft Singles) helps to show how listenable they really are. The drum machines aren't quite industrial strength on here, and the synth, processed guitars and bass are well-mixed. It's still nicely mechanical, gloomy and just claustrophobic enough. Bring on the rain!

You can get the tape via the Craft Singles bandcamp.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Detached Objectives - Destination Moon (2016)

We were sent the first tape from these electro goth rockers last year, and since then the band has added a third member and honed their sound. Detached Objectives pretty obvious about reaching back to the 1980's for said sound, and they wear it well. Mixing atmospheric pads and bass-driven goth rock, the atmospheric gloom on this fits well with their sci-themed lyrics - we kind of wish this had been used for the soundtrack for something like Silent Running.

Get the tape from your favourite local record store or the Detached Objectives bandcamp.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sunglaciers - Sunglaciers (2016)

We missed Sunglaciers at Sled Island but heard really good things about them. So we checked them out a few weeks ago and picked up this tape. This is breezy, easy-flowing guitar pop with a touch of psych mixed in. If summer had been a little drier, this would have been just the thing for floating down the river with.

Looks like the tape is sold out now, but you can get the download from the Sunglaciers bandcamp.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Foul English - The Foul English (2016)

We needed to switch to something a little less taxing on our brains after yesterday's post, and this is just the thing. The Foul English play an unapologetic version of rock they call Dadcore. Yep, fun, no-nonsense, straight up stuff that recalls the early days of the UK punk scene. These aren't guys who are trying to invent a new style, they're guys who are trying to escape the monotony of their 40's, day-jobs, and mortgages. We can get behind that.

Interestingly, they've made their debut album available on CD, LP and tape. Everything new is old again. Get the CD or LP (or digital download, if you must) from the Foul English bandcamp.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Aleem Khan - Urbana Champaign (2016)

We've been at an impasse in the CCPS offices over the past week or so. We had planned on posting this new tape from Aleem Khan, but we haven't been able to fully figure it out yet. We saw Aleem's Sled Island set in June, and were left with our jaws on the floor. How had the kid from Shaani Cage with a penchant for playing soul music with guitars means for garage rock turned into a demure soul-pop-jazz-r&b dynamo?

Aleem quietly released a digital-only (and sadly no longer available) solo album last year that took the work he and brother Kaleem Khan started with Shaani Cage and launched it in a more organic, introverted direction. Urbana Champaign is perhaps the extension of that trajectory. It feels like the work of an artist who has just realized he has the chops and vision to make something amazing, and is testing the limits of said chops and vision. Aleem has left behind his guitar, opting for a reed organ and horns to produce a tape that is gorgeous, bewildering and fascinating. We've listened to this tape almost daily for the past month - it's like a Chinese finger trap that we haven't been able to free ourselves from. We're not sure if we want to free ourselves from it.

Get the tape via Aleem Khan's bandcamp.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Terminal Head - Terminal Head (2016)

From the first time we saw Terminal Head last year, they were instantly our favourite new band. This five piece take the catchy, late-70's influenced punk of the Nancees (whose final, almost unreleased album is one of our favourite almost unreleased albums from recent years) and perch vocalist Cody Swinkles of No River on top to make for some delightfully catchy power pop. It's a good reminder that as good as your band is, it can be even better with a great singer. We've had "Happen Again" stuck in our head for the past two weeks (especially the refrain of "I can't change") since we saw them play at the Palomino.

Grab the tape via the Terminal Head bandcamp.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Shiverettes - Live at CJSW and Just Three Songs EP (2016)

We were so excited when we saw that the Shiverettes had another tape that we didn't really pay attention to the fact that it was partly just a repackaging of their tape from late last year. But we love the Shiverettes so much, we're going to ignore that minor issue.

The band has capitalized on the excellent work that CJSW has been doing with their live sessions and released a set they up at the radio station earlier this year. The highlight on here is "Justice Robin Camp," their anti-tribute to the shame of Canada;s judicial system. It's a spectacular piece of garage rock, with Hayley Muir's menacing growl playing off perfectly against Kaely Cormack's bubblegum shrieks.

Oh, yeah - we also should have pointed out that one of those live tracks is also a song from their other tape. Even still, this is well worth grabbing from the Shiverettes' bandcamp or your local record store.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lucid 44 - Black/Veins (2016)

Holy crap, another tape from Bart Records! We feel like we've stepped into some Bizarro version of the city, where Stebner and his label are flush with cash and able to put out whatever he wants.

Anyways, whatever has happened here, we're not complaining. This is a really great set of songs from Markus Overland and his sad bastard folk. These are beautiful songs that feel like they're on the verge of coming apart, in very much the same vein as Mark Eitzel and the American Music Club. John Hadley's wonderfully textured guitar work helps to keep things together, just.

Looks like there isn't (at the time of writing this) a purchase link on the Bart Records site, but we've seen copies over at Sloth. Or you can grab the download from the Lucid 44 bandcamp.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Greyscreen - Chillebration (2016)

One of the things that most amazes us about Kevin Stebner is the range of stuff he puts out. Standing in start contrast to Prepared is his chiptune project, Greyscreen. We have no idea how he makes this fun, glitchy noise. Or what he's doing with those Gameboys when he plays live:

As always, you can pick this up from Bart Records or your local record shoppe.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Prepared/No Hands - Split (2016)

We're always happy to bring another tape from Bart Records into our collection, and doubly so when it's from Prepared. There's something visceral about this band that gets us in just the right place, with the short, sharp, and wordy blasts of post-hardcore scratching an itch we didn't know we had.

Get the tape from Revolution Winter or your local record store.