Monday, 18 October 2021

Peter Lougheed/Ron Ghitter - NOW! (1971)


Well, here's a super oddball record in observance of election day. Both sides of this record are spoken word pieces by Albertan politicians, former Premier Peter Lougheed and Calgary-Buffalo MLA Ron Ghitter. This is a pretty fascinating piece - this must have been produced to support the PC party's run in the 1971 election. A few pieces jump out as a stark contrast to our current provincial government - most notably Lougheed's interest in listening to the people of the province. But was this record effective in drumming up support for Ghitter and the conservatives? 

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Stanley Anderson - Metric Blues/Pierre


Well, with tomorrow's municipal election comes a pair of incredibly meaningless referendum questions, neither of which are in the domain of the provincial government that is sponsoring them (but still, we encourage you wholeheartedly to VOTE THUNDERS). In celebration of that, today's feature is what we like to call an "old man shouting at cloud" record. On the first side of this single, Anderson complains about having to adopt the metric system, while turning his poison pen to the first Prime Minister Trudeau on the B side. We don't understand the punch line, "the next time you get ready to hit the campaign trail, take Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones with you" - maybe there's another, unreleased song complaining that rock music is too loud?

We're not sure.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Chris Kay - Alberta (1983), Ed Preston - A Song For Alberta

We have no idea how or why we keep missing records in our collection. Somehow we missed these two Alberta-themed country records back when we were in our Alberta song phase. We can't tell you anything about either of these artists. Ed Preston apparently hails from Claresholm, and the Chris Kay record has addresses in both Calgary (on the first side) and Reno, Nevada (on, well, the other first side). 

But you can get them here

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Triple Threat - Official Bootleg (Limited Edition) (1992)

We're still in the habit of trawling through the thrift stores, and this recent score is a good example of why. Triple Threat brought together local blues legends Johnny V and Tim Williams, along with harmonica player Bo Travis. It's a pretty great match of talents.

Get their debut (bootleg!?) tape here.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Wooden Crib - Demo

Here's a tape without a j-card that comes to us courtesy of Marc Donnelly, former drummer with Wooden Crib. Donnelly couldn't pin down the exact year of this tape, but we're putting our money on 1995, as that's the year the band played at Max Café for the annual Garage Wars.

Once we got past that line up (so many favourites!) we scratched our heads for a bit - we're not sure that we remember any of the band members playing in other projects other than Ed Tiegs, who went on to play both bass with Zuckerbaby.

Get the Wooden Crib demo here!

Monday, 11 October 2021

Manhattan Jump Blues Revue - The BBQ Sessions (1994)

We're going to take a bit of a break from the 7" singles and get back to our original raison d'être with a few tapes that have shown up here at the CCPS in recent months. First up is one that we were super excited to get - huge thanks to Mike Fischer for passing this our way.

The Mantattan Jump Blue Revue was the precursor to local fixtures The Dino Martinis (we heard Don McSwiney dishing the goods on the band on the CBC morning show just last week!). We knew the Manhattans made an appearance on the very excellent Play compilation, but we didn't know they had released a full cassette - until Mike graciously ripped his copy for us. This is pretty great stuff, and what we really remember the early days of the Dino Martinis for - high-energy, super fun, er, jump blues. We're usually a bit wary of bands who state their genre in their name, which is maybe why they changed their name very shortly after the release of this tape.

Fix yourself a good cocktail and grab the download!

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Red Richards - Fuddle Duddle Boys (1983), Kirk Orr - Jimmie Lee the RCMP (1985), Gus von der Spindrift Und The Four Tops - So Schön Ist Canada

Picking up on yesterday's name-checking of oddball artists that had work released on Doug Wong Music, today's trio is our last batch of singles on the Calgary label. We've got a anti-Trudeau protest record (a perennial Albertan thing) courtesy of Red Richards, a weird comedic pastiche from Kirk Orr, and... we can't quite tell if the Gus von der Spindrift single is serious or a send-up of the love of Germans for Calgary and the Rocky Mountains. 

The article below fast forwards to the mid 2000's, a few years before he retired from the music industry.

Which remind us, we have a BUNCH of CDs from 2001 that we should get to posting. But we still have a few more singles to get through. Like today's!

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Janice Jaud - Far Away (1981), Danny Daniels - Reach Out (1983), Buddy Lawson and the Good, Bad, and Ugly - Do You Wanna Dance?

Today's trio of Doug Wong Music singles is another batch we can't tell you a whole lot about. So, let's get back to more coverage of Wong and his work. The article from below - published the same year as the Janice Jaud single we're posting today - does a great job of itemizing the work Wong was coordinating for bands through his office (just a block away from where Canada Disc and Tape would end up a few years later):

We also like the mix of local artists name-checked in the article: favourites like the Unusuals and Richard Harrow, plus oddballs like auctioneer Ken Kanten and hypnotist Ben Ziv! That oddball mix is largely why we're so drawn to the output of Doug Wong Music.

Get today's singles here!

Friday, 8 October 2021

Earthshine (1982), Dee-Dee Locker (1984), Diamondback (1986), John McNeil/Gwen Johnson

We're getting into the part of the Doug Wong Music-released singles in our collection where we can't tell you a whole lot about the artists. Some of these artists were staples of the bar/lounge theme, others were... well, we have no idea. This batch of four singles is country-ish fare - for us, this high point is the Earthshine single; the A side, "No Lookin' Back" is a pretty great track.

Since we can't tell you much about the artists, we'll focus instead on the man who helped get these records into the world. Wong's first foray into the recording world was the legendary Dove Project No. 9 compilation, which was produced while he was still studying at Crescent Heights High School. We're not sure exactly what he did right after high school, but in 1975 he scored a position at Sound West Studios/Westmount Records doing A&R work:

The exact starting point of the Doug Wong Music label is a bit elusive to us - we have records Wong produced in 1979 on a bunch of different labels; Aurora Records, Ghostrax RecordsWizKids Records, and (maybe?) Doug Wong Music. The sheer number of production credits in that time is pretty impressive. And there were more to come, of course!

Including one of these singles today!

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Lori Southwood - Alberta/Cindy (1980)


Speaking of things we should have posted earlier... we're not sure how we missed this single from Lori Southwood when we were in our "celebration of Alberta" phase last month. We're making things right (maybe?) now by posting this record - which feels like it might have been out of step with the times, even for 1980. This celebration of our province is a piano and accordion-driven thing that sounds more like the 1940's or 50's - all the more accentuated on the instrumental B side.

Still, an Alberta song is an Alberta song!